I read Sunny´s first book 20 years ago, in my first year at the University.  My freshman year in college was a tough time of big changes for me. In Sunny’s book I found a precise guide and a compass for life.  The book did not make me perfect, but it helped me to learn to enjoy being myself and to take advantage of it. For a long time, the book became a conversation theme with my friends, and they found it a relief to know that they could be organized in spite of themselves.  And more importantly, many took time to think about their forgotten goals, their ideal days, or even ideal years that had not been lived yet. As I saw the impact Sunny`s book had on the people around me, I decided to contact her through e-mail.  She answered back, and we kept talking through the web for a couple of years.  Finally, we decided it was time to start a project in Latin America.  We are still in the beginning stages but already hundreds of people in my beautiful country of Guatemala have received its benefits through seminars, radios shows and web publications. Sunny`s method is flexible, refreshing and full of hope.  It doesn’t teach you how to do twice as much in half the time.  It is a method that invites you to find what you really want to do, and then do it, highlighting the best in yourself. It is always a good time to explore your forgotten dreams.

Seize the day, seize your life.

Daniel Lopez, Guatemala  11/11


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