“Sunny’s coaching is like having a human mirror. She has reflected back to me what I was previously unable to see. When you can’t see your own reflection, you rely too heavily on feedback from others and sometimes that feedback is toxic. Sunny allowed me to see my own reflection – not as other people defined it, but as I really am. I think I always knew who that was, but for a few years, I forgot – an amnesia of sorts. Sunny helped me to see myself again and make decisions about where my life should go from there. I already had everything I needed to recapture my own life, but I wasn’t aware of that until it was mirrored back to me…This is who you are…so where do you want to go from here?

But…I was still hobbled by fear. It’s one thing to know where you want to go, and it’s another to have the courage to actually get up and go there. One day, I told her I felt like a skydiver clinging to the door of an airplane, wanting to jump but too afraid to jump.

And she said to me, in that calm voice, “Just leap. You’ll fly or at least land on your feet.” And I decided that even if I didn’t quite believe in myself just yet, I was able to believe Sunny. So I leapt. And I flew, and flew and flew. And never looked back. I think angels come to us when we need them. I needed an angel back then, and I found one. Her name is Sunny.”

— Debra LoGuercio DeAngelo


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