Remember slide trays?

I have 25 of them, with around 150 slides in each. That’s a lot of slides. Not only do they take up an entire closet shelf of otherwise-usable space, but their quality is deteriorating as we speak. Last year I decided to use the services of Scan Cafe to transfer them to DVD and I’ve been pleased with the results thus far.

I’m up to the last tray, however I just discovered a plastic bag of loose slides that were taken out to print over the years, and now they need to be returned to their original homes. It wouldn’t be such a big job if I only had a memory. Some of the dates on the slides are legible which makes it easier, but determining where the rest go is like figuring out a giant jig-saw puzzle. (What year did we first go to the Bronx Zoo? When did I get that crazy perm? Who are these other people??)

I’m so glad that I’m finally getting this done. Of course, the day will undoubtedly come when we’ll be told that we have to get our data out of disc-form and into some new kind of technology before we lose it. *sigh*

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