I’m introducing today a new feature on the blog — “My Moments in Time”. Here I’m going to celebrate those priceless times in life that can be summed up in a photograph or two; that bring back those actual, visceral moments in time. I’d love for you to play along!

Today I was listening to an iPod shuffle of favorites and heard Billy Joel’s “In the Middle of the Night”. Instantly I was back in 1995 when my daughter took up the saxophone and was playing in her elementary school’s band and orchestra concert. The intrepid music teacher and band conductor had decided to let them play this song and I was pretty impressed with with her courage. The band wasn’t too bad considering that the members were only 11 and 12 years old and that this was their first year of learning their instruments. They played a song or two and then came “In the Middle of the Night”, in dirge tempo. It.was.the.slowest.rock.song.in.the.history.of.rock. I stood up to take their picture and caught my son’s plaintive look at me — “Mom, please.take.me.out.of.here.”

Here’s to those never-forgotten moments in time…


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