Exceptional hot chocolate.

I am definitely ready for some holiday spiriting. I’ve been hunkered down with these deadlines and will be for another few days, but then it’s off to the land of celebration. I’m especially looking forward to visiting with little Katie and Izzie and the grand-nephews and nieces, because seeing Christmas through their eyes is the way the holiday should be seen – exciting, new, fantastic.

I’m also looking forward to the traditional Gift Fights and spending time with friends whom I miss very much. That’s one good aspect of living far away; you get to actually miss a lot of people and experience the anticipation of being with them again.

OK, back to work, with a smile on my face.

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  1. jamie

    December 17, 2008

    Oh, my goodness, I want a cup of this hot chocolate right now! Wow.

    I tagged you for a holiday meme 🙂

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