Now that we’ve returned to Sedona for the winter, I’ve been taking inventory to make sure that everything’s back where it’s supposed to be following the reconstruction.

I opened up an under-the-sink cabinet in the bathroom and pulled out a facial exfoliator system that I bought in 2006. Apparently I just move this thing around the country with me because the box is still taped shut and it’s become a part of the scenery that I don’t notice anymore. What really disturbs me is that I wanted it back then. I had to have it. So why haven’t I used it yet? Aren’t I supposed to be organized and efficient?

I continued my inventory around the house, curious as to what else I “had to have” and haven’t used. There isn’t much — maybe around 20% of everything I own. Interestingly enough, though, all of the items have one thing in common: they all involve having to follow directions in order to operate the product. I asked my husband how many items he hadn’t used, and his percentage was about the same as mine, and for the same reason. For instance, he purchased a lovely Native American flute last year. It’s just sitting on the end of the bookcase, waiting for him to pick up the manual on how to play a flute.

Aha, I thought, I’m on to something. We’re not using what we buy because we haven’t made the time to learn how they work! It’s too much of an effort at the moment we think about it. (Thinking of something as too much of an effort is why new treadmills wind up as clothes racks.)

Does anyone else have a collection of things they wanted but haven’t made the time to learn how to use? I haven’t heard of a support group for this, but we can’t be alone, right? Take a trip around your house and let me know.

2 Responses to "Are You Using What You Buy?"

  1. colleen

    January 7, 2008

    Treadmills turn into clothes racks …great line and so true. I recently went to a skin care party, went through hours of looking at products, trying samples, doing research and trying to decide what to order. I can’t beieve how much time it took. I finally found a product called MyChelle which is as pure as they get and ended up buying only a good moisturizer because that’s all I really end up using everyday and it’s only one step! I can’t stand anything complicated and I do know what you mean about stuff collecting that we thought we couldn’t live without. The thrill is gone.

  2. sunny

    January 7, 2008

    Maybe if treadmills were marketed as clothes racks they’d have a longer-lasting appeal?

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