Home Front
By Lori Sears
Sun Staff

Baltimore Sun Newspaper
April 18, 2004 Divide and conquer

How’s the spring cleaning coming along? What, you’re overwhelmed? Need a few tips on tossing things out? Sunny Schlenger, author of the new book Organizing for the Spirit (Jossey-Bass, 2004, $14.95), available at Amazon.com, offers some advice for pack rats. She suggests setting up four piles:

– Throw-out pile. The item has outlived its usefulness. Or it’s no longer interesting to you. And it’s not in good enough shape to pass on to others.

– Giveaway pile. A friend would like it, or a charity would appreciate it.

– Storage pile. For the memories it holds, you’ll pack it up and store it away.

– Display pile. You’d like to set it out. You enjoy looking at it or using it.

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