What we find to be funny is a huge part of who we are.

In my house, we like to say that my husband’s sense of humor is more “basic” than mine (imagine thousands of fart videos on You Tube) but that may be part of the gender divide. I used to really enjoy The Three Stooges when I was a kid but my humor gradually became a little drier and maybe a bit more cynical as I grew older. Then again, if I want to laugh ’til I’m crying, Damn You Auto Correct never fails to bring me there.

Has what you laugh at over the years changed for you? Do you still like the same stand-up comics or has your taste in comedy evolved in a different direction? There’s no good or bad, of course, but it can be interesting to chart the changes, or lack thereof, over time. What about movies or TV shows? What can you learn about what tickles your funny bone? And how important is it to you that friends or significant others share your taste in comedy?

Sometimes what you find funny (or not) has a lot to do with your family of origin and the memories that bring you back to those days. I vividly remember being in hysterics at scenes from “Where the Boys Are” with my parents and brother, and Roy still loves episodes from “The Honeymooners” in part because of the connection with family.

So think of the many influences you’ve had over time and why you laugh at the things that you do. And make sure you find things to keep you laughing. It truly is the best medicine.


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