breakfast in bed by MarkyBon.

courtesy of MarkyBon
How does “breakfast in bed” strike you? As deliciously decadent?

No, the picture above is not breakfast in my bed, although I’m sure my husband would (gladly?) put one together for me. It’s the concept of it that got my attention this morning and started me wondering about why we don’t do more of these kinds of things for ourselves. Yes, I know – there’s the matter of early-rising kids, getting out the door on time, dishes to wash, but for Just One Minute, please entertain this concept for me.

Imagine your favorite breakfast foods, served on your best/favorite china and enjoyed by you in the comfort of your own bedroom. Is this something you would enjoy? Then I say — make it happen. Even if you’d be creating it for, and by, yourself and maybe exactly because you’d be doing it for yourself. Aren’t you worthy of the same time and attention you’d spend on someone else you love?

Maybe you could start with simply eating your own breakfast off of the “dinner guest” china. You don’t have to “earn” quality self-care you know. And now may be the best time to do it, before the pressures of the holiday season arrive.

If you do this for yourself, send me a picture. I’d love to have the evidence that hundreds of people are learning the benefits of taking care of themselves so that they can better enjoy life, and in turn take better care of their significant others.

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