CannedSedona2014We went out today to support a friend of mine who created a completely new type of event for Sedona.

Called “Sedona Canned” it brought together five non-profits to compete a la “Chopped” on TV. Each non-profit was represented by a local (non-professional) chef and supporters came to cheer on their favorite chef or charity.

For Sedona, this is an unusual approach to fund-raising. Ordinarily, the non-profits all put on separate events but this was a creative concept  that showcased FIVE winners. In addition, it collected cans of food for the local food pantry and included a number of local businesses and services on display.

I cheered for the Scorpion Pantry — a backpack program designed for high school students who would otherwise go hungry over the weekends . This program, in particular, speaks to me in because of the two years I spent at the high school mentoring junior and senior girls and hearing the stories of those students who didn’t have enough to eat.

But in truth I could have easily supported any of the non-profits, from the dog rescue to the women’s sanctuary to the firefighters raising money for one of their own fighting leukemia.

The important thing is for everyone to support SOMETHING that they feel drawn to and believe in. We make a difference person by person and each one of us needs to step up and be counted. No excuses. Whether you donate time or you donate money doesn’t matter. Just do something that matters in the larger world. Give back.

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