“I read Sunny´s first book 20 years ago, in my first year at University. My freshman year in college was a tough time of big changes for me. In Sunny’s book I found a precise guide and a compass for life. The book did not make me perfect, but it helped me to learn to enjoy being myself and to take advantage of it. For a long time, the book became a conversation theme with my friends, and they found it a relief to know that they could be organized in spite of themselves. And more importantly, many took time to think about their forgotten goals, their ideal days, or even ideal years that had not been lived yet.

As I saw the impact Sunny`s book had on the people around me, I decided to contact her through e-mail. She answered back, and we kept talking through the web for a couple of years. Finally, we decided it was time to start a project in Latin America. We are still in the beginning stages but already hundreds of people in my beautiful country of Guatemala have received its benefits through seminars, radios shows and web publications. Sunny`s method is flexible, refreshing and full of hope. It doesn’t teach you how to do twice as much in half the time. It is a method that invites you to find what you really want to do, and then do it, highlighting the best in yourself. It is always a good time to explore your forgotten dreams. Seize the day, seize your life.”

– Daniel Lopez, Guatemala

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must, but take that step… And sometimes getting help from someone like SunCoach is the first step. Professional organizing, mentoring and life coach services offered! Sunny is truly gifted at what she does!

– Blythe Clifford, Durham, NC  Attorney, “Thyroid Mom”

What an inspring, expressive and powerful way to start these workshops!! We had 15 amazing women gathered yesterday, who generously shared themselves, all eager to open up to the insights that their dream boards provided. Thank you, Sunny, for stepping right in and saying “yes” to leading the first workshop! Your energy and presence was perfect… you really provided something so valuable to the group.”

– Adalia Tara Middleton, Our Voices Are Alive

“Sunny’s coaching is like having a human mirror. She has reflected back to me what I was previously unable to see. When you can’t see your own reflection, you rely too heavily on feedback from others and sometimes that feedback is toxic. Sunny allowed me to see my own reflection – not as other people defined it, but as I really am. I think I always knew who that was, but for a few years, I forgot – an amnesia of sorts. Sunny helped me to see myself again and make decisions about where my life should go from there. I already had everything I needed to recapture my own life, but I wasn’t aware of that until it was mirrored back to me…This is who you are…so where do you want to go from here?

But…I was still hobbled by fear. It’s one thing to know where you want to go, and it’s another to have the courage to actually get up and go there. One day, I told her I felt like a skydiver clinging to the door of an airplane, wanting to jump but too afraid to jump.

And she said to me, in that calm voice, “Just leap. You’ll fly or at least land on your feet.” And I decided that even if I didn’t quite believe in myself just yet, I was able to believe Sunny. So I leapt. And I flew, and flew and flew. And never looked back. I think angels come to us when we need them. I needed an angel back then, and I found one. Her name is Sunny.”

– Debra LoGuercio DeAngelo

As a creative person, I was often at sea when it came to conforming to standard business administration … until I met Sunny Schlenger. Her approach to organization and business was unlike any other I had come across. Rather than force me into a system that I was destined to fail at, she recognized the inner workings of the creative mind and worked with me to create new ways of working and keeping track of both business and life. She celebrated the artist in me and worked to support that rather than deconstruct it. Her gentle yet insightful ideas and suggestions have stayed with me over the years and I continue to read her books and her website to gain a perspective and to explore new ways of living an authentic life. She’s more than a coach … she’s an inspiration.”

– Francesca Rizzo, NJ

Sunny’s mentorship has been invaluable in helping me to fully step into all that I’m capable of being. She sees the best in me and believes in me even when I’m finding it a struggle to do that myself. She has a gift for generously sharing her wisdom and experience while fully respecting my individual process and style. Sunny knows me so well! She is a treasure in my life. Because of her, I am a better entrepreneur, a stronger person and am moving with vigour towards my dreams.”

– Jamie Ridler
Director & Creative Self-Development Coach
Jamie Ridler Studios

Sunny and I first met eight years ago when she was leader and facilitator for an Organizing for the Spirit group. Since then, Sunny has made a big difference in my life, simply because of who she is. She teaches from her authentic spirit and is very generous. She understands that her encouragement, support, teaching and compassion can only flow when she’s coming from her heart-space.

Sunny has always been non-judgmental. She listens to what I have and have not done in my life with the gifts I am trying to acknowledge, accept and market. As a healer and spiritual artist, honoring who I am and promoting myself is my short suit.

Sunny’s smile shows through her eyes and conveys the energy of knowing who I REALLY AM. Because Sunny “walks the walk” and shares the hard-earned wisdom of her life lessons I feel more empowered and am very thankful to have her in my life!”

– Karel Bodamer
Spiritual Healer and Artist
Graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing

“Although I feel confident in my clinical skills as a nurse practitioner, I found that the exact opposite was the case when it came to my business development skills. When a physician and I came up with a great idea for a niche practice, the only drawback for me was the need to market this service to the community.

Sunny became my business mentor. Most helpfully, she developed a process where I could get past my hesitation with cold calling. She allowed me to express my fears while formulating a strategy to overcome them. She helped me to identify the strengths that I could tap into and helped me to see how I could use these strengths in this new venture.

Sunny enabled me to reframe the cold calling experience so that I could experience it as a partnership with potential clients and patients rather than as a dreaded chore.”

– Alison A. Schlenger, MSN, MSW, GNP-BC
House Calls Atlanta

Sunny made a huge impact on my life. In one of the toughest seasons in my business, I was able to feel more in control. From organizing my time, to organizing my surroundings, she has been a priceless resource. Her techniques helped me through a difficult period, and her spirit helped me heal and grow. Thanks, Sunny!

– C. F., New York City

I’m in the event planning business, and I accumulate papers on clients and research the way weeds grow. I’m a visual person, and I want to have a copy of everything. I had been in need of organizational services for a very long time. The paper growth had gotten completely out of hand, which caused me not to want to work in my office and also caused me not to be able to handle projects well due to the volume of papers piled everywhere.

I couldn’t get over how much Sunny and I did in our time together. She had me go through everything in my office, which I had never done before. As she found out, when I couldn’t find a file I made a new one. So I had several files for the same thing, but they were scattered throughout my 13 file drawers. I laughed myself silly every time we found another file for Social Security! At the end I was exhausted but felt wonderful. I had a new awareness of where everything was, and now knew what I had in resources. I felt like I could think and work again. I can’t thank her enough for helping me to make sense of my office and my life.”

– H. M., Baltimore, Maryland

My office was a certifiable disaster area before Sunny. It wasn’t just the tangle of wires and semi-working equipment driving me mad, but something I couldn’t put my finger on. Sunny picked it up instantly. She pointed out that “I” wasn’t present in the room. Its anonymous office furniture and empty walls didn’t reflect me at all. My office was critical to my earning yet I’d created chaos amid blandness – not exactly a space conducive to financial success. I’m also a creative worker, so it was downright strange that I’d sunk so little of my energy into the space. Sunny intuitively realized that this reflected an inner conflict about succeeding. How right she was! Not only did Sunny completely physically rearrange the space so that I felt incredibly light and mentally uncluttered and worked 100% better, she encouraged me to add special things that mattered to me like art, photographs, inspiring quotes. Sunny recommended appealing to my senses through candles, music, and flowers to further support creativity. Even the color of the room turned out to be important – Sunny wanted me to paint it a color that really appealed to my soul. I was in tears when we finished because for the first time my drab “work” space was suddenly my soul space – the two were one for the first time. I knew then that nothing was going to stop me.

Shortly after my office redo, my career began rapidly changing for the better – and there’s no better testimony than success. I cannot recommend Sunny’s services highly enough. If you are lucky enough to work with her (and it’s incredibly fun) you will gain more than you can imagine. It’s worth every penny. Thanks, Sunny, for changing my life!”

– E.R., Dallas, Texas

I had a writing assignment to fulfill and worked with Sunny as my ‘writing coach’. She got right to the ‘soul’ of what I wanted to say and aided me in expressing clearly and simply what I wanted to get across. As a fellow coach, I appreciate Sunny’s abilities: her clear knowledge, intuitive understanding and communication skills. She has an uncanny sense of knowing the essence of what you need and being able, in a positive and nonjudgemental way, to impart this information to you. Sunny is wise, positive and generous. When I work with her, I feel that everything is possible—- a joyful, well-balanced, fulfilling career and life!”
– G. A., Fair Lawn, NJ

Thank you again for speaking at our annual conference. As you can see from the evaluation summary, the attendees found your talk exceptional.”

– American Society of Consulting Arborists

“Thank you for a terrific, inspiring and eye-opening session. Everyone is rushing back to reorganize their offices according to their personal style!

– Pfizer Corporation

“You are an articulate, knowledgeable and witty speaker, and I highly recommend you as a lecturer of great appeal.”

– The Johns Hopkins University

“You imparted valuable information to the audience, and I hope you feel as pleased and gratified as we do.”

– Bloomingdale’s

You were terrific!… I guess that’s why you teach people how to feel good about themselves and build on the positive rather than the negative.

– New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners

Thank you so much for the insightful, informative and inspiring workshop you presented. Everything just came together with the practical and the spiritual. You truly have the gift for knowing your audience and competently making the shift back and forth to address their needs. You also have the talent to handle those who challenge the process. Having led the Women for Sobriety group for over 14 years, I appreciate the skill and ability to be encouraging while also being inclusive and fair to the whole group. You did it splendidly! It would be an honor and pleasure to work with you again.”

– Dee Waddington, Past Director
Women’s Center Department, YWCA of Bergen County, NJ

“Thank you so much for a wonderful event! It’s always nice to see a full audience and hear their eager questions. I will call you when more books arrive so you can sign them, and then I can feature them at the store front. Continued good luck to you!”

– Linda Galgano, Community Relations Manager
Barnes and Noble

“Bergen Community College, The Institute for Learning in Retirement, our students and I all join in thanking you for your presentation at the Coffee & Conversation program. Your talk was most informative and elicited many excellent comments and much positive feedback.”

– Lois E. Marshall
Dean of Community Services

On behalf of all the participants at the Leadership Development Program, I want to thank you for your wonderful and inspirational presentation. This was one of the best presentations I have ever attended. I think that your professionalism and expertise really helped us understand what we need to know to improve our organizational skills. Yet the message was very clear: ‘We have to want to make the change in order to be successful’

– Jose V. Hernandez
Veteran’s Affairs Administration

Sunny is a very positive and self-motivated individual. She always maintains her composure without ever losing focus on the specific task at hand. Her dedication to the people and the project coupled with her proactive role in determining the needs of our division made the move a much smoother transition.

– Kevan Clemens, V.P.
Roche Pharmaceuticals

I love your articles. They provoke my thinking process, take me to places I’ve dreamed about going, and always, always, leave me feeling enriched.

“You articulate clearly, originally and invitingly so many of the dilemmas that people today are experiencing.”

“You have this wonderful, warm way of expressing extremely sound advice and insights while also somehow making everything seem possible.”

“These articles are wonderful! I have been on a spiritual journey of self-discovery for several years now, and these just fit into the kinds of exercises, thoughts and discussions I frequently have.”

“I have to make it a point to read your articles more often on a timelier basis. They are so inspiring, even to a reality-based, “unspiritual person” like me.”

“Thanks for the thoughtful nudge. Your messages spread like ripples in the water.”

“These articles are really something special. I have come to look forward to them and kind of settle in when I begin to read them. They’re very grounding because they’re so personal, so innately wise and always relevant to what it’s like to be human.”