Roses aren’t the only things that are different out west.

Yesterday evening I watched the sunset from our patio for the first time since we arrived here last Saturday. I purposely sat down to do it because I realized that that time of day is getting shorter and shorter now. I wanted to enjoy it fully rather than just getting a glimpse of pink and purple sky as I pass a window on my way to somewhere else.

So I leaned back in the recliner and focused on a towering cloud in front of me as it transformed from golden glow to smoke.

Somewhere during the process came the actual moment of sunset, and it was as if someone had blown a trumpet. Almost simultaneously four huge ravens crossed the sky overhead, so close that I could hear the flapping of their wings. A bat rounded the side of the house. A cardinal announced his arrival in his night-time roosting place in the weeping willow. Quail called out to each other in the distance. And several coyotes yipped and howled that they were ready to set out to hunt.

I’m not in Kansas (New Jersey) anymore. The sound of coyotes is not as reassuring as the sound of crickets but it’s more exciting. Challenging. I know that I have to be ready for what I ask for, so it must be my time for more excitement and challenge. I say bring it on.

(Remind me of this post when I start back-pedaling in the future. 😉

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  1. Tina Clark

    October 6, 2007

    The rain left yesterday and absolutely gorgeous blue skies with the most beautiful clouds sat above the mountains. I was in the car marveling over this sight and taking pictures (and no, I wasn’t driving 🙂 ). I felt as if I hadn’t seen the sky in years! What a gift. I wanted to find some paint and a canvas to see if I could capture its beauty. Ah, the little things.

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