cocoa #35 new iPod shuffle by nao-cha.

Courtesy of nao-cha

I’m listening to more music these days and have been ready to hear some new artists. Problem was, I wasn’t sure how to find them. I could randomly select from itunes, try to catch names on the radio, or wait for recommendations from friends, but I came up with another idea.

I had a playlist of “Sunny” songs I enjoy (e.g., “When Sunny Gets Blue”, “On the Sunny Side of the Street”, “Warmth of the Sun”, “You Are My Sunshine”) but it was small. I decided to go to itunes and search for songs with “sun”, “sunshine” and “sunny” in the title. I hit the mother lode. Dozens of selections, most by artists I have never heard of. I took my time going through them, and in the process discovered a half dozen singer/songwriters whose music is wonderful. I’m not sure that I ever would have found them if I hadn’t tried this method.

What kind of playlists would you create?

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