I’ve been wearing a sweater the last few days and thinking about stew.

It’s actually been awhile since I’ve thought seriously about cooking. First came my self-imposed moratorium when the kids left for college, and the last year I’ve been in too much pain with my arm to be able to chop anything. But the urge has returned and we decided to invest in a new crockpot. The slow-cooker industry has evidently changed alot in the past ten years – new shapes and sizes and cleaner-friendly elements.

We chose the Hamilton Beach 3-in-one model and are delighted with it. The three different sizes of nesting cooking pots (with one lid fitting all three) is very convenient. I especially enjoyed being able to go on-line and read product reviews for slow-cookers which was something that was less convenient to do back in the age of printed Consumer Reports Magazine.

It’s fun to be back. And I do enjoy cooking with Roy. It seems that he’s more willing to try new things when we can share the responsibility for screwing up.

2 Responses to "Crockery Cookery"

  1. colleen

    November 7, 2008

    It’s amazing to me how our tastes change with the seasons. I’ve been wanting stews and soups too.

  2. sunny

    November 7, 2008

    And reading your blog makes me want apple crisp. 🙂

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