Brevard sunset

Don’t you love it. 😉

At least the MRI results were reassuring; nothing there appears to be a red flag. So I will begin a month of physical therapy, and cross my fingers (when I can eventually cross them) in hopes that my arm will improve.

On the more enjoyable side — we went to see a production of “Camelot” on Saturday night at the Brevard Music Center . For those not familiar with the show, it’s a 1950’s musical by Lerner and Lowe about the legend of King Arthur, Guenivere and Lancelot. It has a wonderful score and it was especially nice to be supporting an endeavor by students.

It was late, and dark, as we joined the line of cars winding their way back to the main road, and we found ourselves passing through the school’s campus. Despite the hour, kids (looking to be in their mid to late teens) were everywhere. The scene looked much like a regular Saturday night until we noticed the little cabins lit up alongside the road. The entire front wall of each structure was a picture window, and we could see all the interiors clearly. The cabins were all practice rooms, every single one filled with students playing an astonishing variety of instruments.

I found it to be magical; an enchanted look behind the scenes.

I’m noticing much more of that these days, probably because my mobility has been limited. Besides the deer in my backyard, I’ve seen a rather large woodchuck and an extremely happy rabbit. The rabbit was actually frolicking — jumping straight up into the air and kicking its feet out. It occured to me that the small animals can be more free here than in Sedona, since there are far fewer threats from predators like hawks and coyotes.

My intent is to get back to editing my book proposal, and having it be a less painful process. But I don’t want to lose my back-yard, behind-the-scenes perspective. Worrying about the future won’t help, and being “in the now” is always the best place to be.

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  1. Harriet

    July 23, 2007

    Sunny, I’m so glad there weren’t any red flags! I’ll be crossing my fingers for you (I’m happy to do that) & I hope your healing process goes smoothly & is filled with inspiring insights & delightful discoveries. May the image of that happy bunny be imprinted on your spirit! 🙂

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