Sunset, red rock view from front door, February 7, 2008

One of the fascinating aspects of living in Sedona is that you really can’t capture the same view twice. Depending on the time of day, cloud shifts and degree of brightness, no snapshots are identical. Of course, this is true of anywhere, just easier to see here.

But how often do we stop and recognize the beauty of a “new” scene when we’ve experienced it so many times before? Maybe we never do, until we name it.

I was speaking with Liz yesterday about the one-word concept: The idea that it’s possible to sum up who we are and what we do naturally in one word. I’ve been struggling with this for awhile; I would get close, but my words didn’t capture the feeling. And then it came to me, right out of an old Monkees playlist. Yes, I’m a Believer.

A Believer in what? I believe the best in everyone. I believe that anything is possible. And up until recently, the only one I didn’t believe in was me. OK, not that I never believed in myself; it was more that I didn’t believe consistently and that particular see-saw was getting way too stressful for me.

But what if, as Liz suggested, I made a *decision* to believe in myself?

What? Just choose?? I mean, if therapy doesn’t make you believe in yourself, how can a simple decision do that?

Just try it, she said. Why listen to the nay-sayers in your head when you can choose to listen to the others?

I will never forget the moment, yesterday, when it finally clicked. All of a sudden I was standing on the other side of myself, on the other side of the door I had somehow gone through. Of course I’m a believer — that’s who I am. Believing is about faith and trust and that’s what I do. I also am a facilitator, coach, networker, organizer, mother, friend and a number of other words, but they’re all possible because I believe, ultimately, in my own abilities and in the abilities of others.

Thanks, Liz, for your guidance. I appreciate it more than you know.

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  1. Liz Strauss

    February 8, 2008

    Hey Sunny!
    Gosh, how I’ve been there. For me it was like choosing to cross a bridge to the other side. Getting that knowing and believing to happen at the same time is as simple as realizing that we get to pick . . . just like you said here.

    I said to a friend the other night, “I know that all of the people in the world didn’t hold a meeting, take a vote, and decide I didn’t belong.”

    Everyone belongs here as much as everyone else. Once we realize what we’re here to do, then it gets really fun!

    By George, I believe, you’ve got it!

    It all connects. 🙂

  2. sunny

    February 8, 2008

    Yes, Liz, you should have heard me singing from My Fair Lady! 😉

  3. Tina Clark

    February 9, 2008

    ONE word???? Oh, boy! That in itself is hard to do much less believing it. It would mean I might actually have to stop, breathe and think about myself?! I have work to do……..maybe Giver?

  4. Roy

    February 9, 2008

    When I look at the beautiful Red Rocks during the different times of the day, I feel so blessed! I hear Louis Armstrong’s song ” What a Wonderful World” playing in my head. That about sums it up. To notice life’s gifts each and everyday. As for the one word to discribe myself, I would have to say I am a “student”. No, not that I am constantly taking courses in some school. A “student” in life. There is always something I learn or notice each day. The universe is the greatest teacher.

  5. Tina Clark

    February 9, 2008

    I’m always learning too. My greatest teachers are very young and very cute. 🙂 Just the other day I learned what apricots look like before they are dried to “perfection”. I had never seen apricots without the wrinkles. That was my something new for the day. Of course, I have those other days that I learn something new but then forget it 30 minutes later. 🙂

  6. sunny

    February 9, 2008

    “Student” is a great word, especially when we’re learning from nature and children. And, ultimately, the universe.

  7. Catherine

    February 9, 2008

    Hi Sunny, Michele sent me (actually the link was to your website, but I found the blog link so I could leave a comment).
    Both your site and blog look interesting and I have bookmarked them so I can come back and explore more

  8. sunny

    February 9, 2008

    Greetings, Catherine. I hope you enjoy what you see. 🙂

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