This arbor, right outside our patio door, seems to to be just too enticing for our backyard pair of mourning doves. Carl and Melba, as we’ve dubbed them have been determined to nest there, among the fragrant blooms, despite the fact that we apparently are disturbing them every time we come in or out of the house. Actually, “disturbing” is an understatement.

We seem to freak them out. Despite days of our comings and goings, they still shriek and flap wildly when we appear. We have no problem with their nest-building, but they should have started further away from the house, where it would have been quieter for them. As with humans, it’s not good feng shui to locate your resting place where you’re easily startled. It doesn’t bode well for peace and prosperity and the beginnings of new life.

But I think they’re getting it. I haven’t seen them in the arbor today but I still hear their soft, mourning hoots somewhere out there. I wish them luck in their hunt for new digs.

2 Responses to "Feng Shui For The Birds"

  1. colleen

    April 8, 2008

    Or mistletoe for spring lovers.

  2. Swirly

    April 8, 2008

    Maybe they’re just thrilled to see you and can’t contain their excitement!

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