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Be present in the present.

You can’t make decisions about what you need and what you don’t, who you are and who you’re not, what to hang onto and what to let go if you’re not living in the moment. As we prepare to transition into another season, it’s good to remember this rule and examine things based on where you are right now as opposed to where you were 5 years ago, or even where you were at the start of last season.

Be here now.

2 Responses to "First Rule for Organizing"

  1. jeanne lapierre

    July 4, 2010

    I just happened upon your blog through leoni the goddess site. I have been decorating ,helping people organize there homes and create a cozy peacefull world. I am in a new time in my life and I would like to make $$ with my creativity. I have also helped the elderly to create a safe home.Clearing clutter for safety and even setting up spaces for the blind. I commend you for taking your talents and publishing them to the universe. Do you have any tips or ideas that would help to take my dream to the next level?

  2. Sunny

    July 5, 2010

    Jeanne – How wonderful that you also want to use your talents to serve! Of course, making money mean growing from volunteer to business person. I would recommend that you contact NAPO – the U.S.’s National Association of Professional Organizers for advice, assistance and support. They will help direct you to the closest group of professionals doing what it is you want to do!
    Good luck and thanks for writing. 🙂

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