Actually, the title should be “Hot Flashes” but that doesn’t sound nearly as interesting.

As a side note, my hot flashes are more or less under control now, thanks to an herbal supplement my husband found. I know this sounds like the PMS episode on “Everybody Loves Raymond” but this seems to work for both of us. 😉

As for the brilliance part, my sense of creativity is returning in bits and pieces, working itself through the pain. I’m grateful, because I can certainly use it as I round the corner into the final stretch of this book proposal. It should be ready for my agent to send out in September. Thank You, The Powers That Be.

I’m excited to launch this book out into the world, being that it’s a summary of the last four years of my journey through unplanned transitions. Many transitions, at the same time. Hopefully it will provide answers and inspiration to others for the sudden twists and curves that appear at this stage of life.

Stay tuned for more on this subject!

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