Day 253. Tootsie Rolls. by cdedbdme.

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Roy was reading a new book by Greg Braden, Fractal Time, and shared this with me. I love it: “As we sifted through the boxes and bags that held the accumulated history of our entire family, we found ourselves engrossed in the memories and the meaning that the contents brought to mind. Every few minutes I would hear Mom’s excited voice coming from somewhere behind a stack of boxes taller than she was, asking me to look at the treasures she had rediscovered. “Oh look at this,” she would say, holding up something that my brother or I had made for her more than 30 years before. Like the Valentine’s Day card that still had two Tootsie Roll chocolates (now nearly fossilized) taped inside. My brother had made the card and given it to her when he was in the second grade…”

This is from a book about nature’s patterns (mostly scientific) but points to the cycle of human life and the pleasure that is there for the taking. Enjoy those moments when they come around.

3 Responses to "Fossilized Tootsie Rolls"

  1. Tania

    April 12, 2009

    That’s a coincidence, Sunny. Yesterday my mum was telling me how a lot of foods today had so many preservative in them, that corpses weren’t decomposing. Had those tootsie rolls not had all those preservatives it would have moulded.
    I found part of a burger from a big burger chain in my son’s room somewhere, that had obviously seen better days and it was as hard as a rock, but no sign of mould anywhere.
    A rather creepy scary thought. My mum’s full of interesting tit bits like this. lol.

    Sorry, a bit of the subject of your post.

  2. sunny

    April 12, 2009

    Interesting! Although I’d rather not be the finder of the old food to begin with. 😉

  3. Tania

    April 14, 2009

    It’s not so bad, really. It just turns into something like hard plastic – it doesn’t even smell – otherwise we would have found it sooner. lol

    Wonder how they know about the corpses, though.

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