Caryn, Heidi and the 28 piece Whisk Set!

Aside from the miserable head cold I’m nursing, it’s been a fun few days. The highlight so far was the Baltimore gift fight with my family, pictured above, where my sister-in-law, Caryn unwrapped a gag gift box from onion.com. She thought she had selected a set of 28 amazing kitchen whisks and tried to diplomatically smile for the camera. Those fake gift boxes are really done well.

So I’ve been sniffing my way north. Considering what the temperatures were when we left Arizona, it’s been quite a transition into the arctic wind chill that arrived this morning. Fortunately we’ve not had to drive through any bad weather so I shouldn’t complain (just blow my nose).

Tomorrow we’re off to Long Island for Christmas Eve with Roy’s family. See you there…

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