by Ciara Conlon

In the current economic climate a major focus for companies worldwide must be to maintain competitiveness both locally and internationally. A key element in gaining and holding onto a competitive stance is strong levels of productivity. But enhanced competitiveness isn’t the only benefit of increased productivity; an increase in the individual’s productivity can reduce stress and absenteeism leading to a greater work life balance and an increase in employee engagement. It is important if not essential that companies seek out ways in which they can increase productivity with as little time and effort as possible.

Where to start…….. David Allen’s Getting Things Done is a great place to start. By reading this book you are taking a step in the right direction, some people say that they don’t have time to read business books or attend a course in productivity. What do you think I say to that? Well what I want to say and what I do say are two different things! Spending time on implementing a system to enhance your productivity may take a day it may take a week but each minute saved adds up and you will find that you will probably have made up the time you have invested in less than a month and from there forward the time saved is all yours to be used how you see fit, working more, spending more time with family, an extra round of golf a week? The choice is yours.

If the getting things done method is not for you there are many books out there that like Barbara’s Hemphills “Taming the paper tiger” or Sunny Schlenger’s “ How To Be Organized In Spite Of Yourself”. You may want to attend a course or hire a productivity coach, whatever method works for you and your business, the trick is to implement it now. With slow economic growth this does not mean we cut training and education, this is the time for reflection for internal personal and organizational growth. To survive a downturn one must become efficient effective and productive. Get going… Good Luck!

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