Navajo rug auction g by 89AKurt.

photo credit 89AKurt

I’ve always enjoyed looking at sand paintings but tonight I learned that they can be created specifically for healing purposes. As part of the Native American Cultural Festival here, we attended a demonstration by a Navajo medicine woman who is revered in her clan for her healing abilities with sand paintings. She discussed the wisdom behind the choice of figures and colors and how they are utilized in the healing process. Among many fascinating pieces of information was that fact that at least 3 times in the course of the healing, the patient is asked if s/he is determined to live. Although the patient is encouraged to continue, his or her decision to give up must be honored because the will to live is such an important part of the healing.

I also learned that it is very important to drink water first thing upon waking up in the morning and last thing at night. Water is the “healing rainbow and the source of all life and it’s good to be reminded of that by someone with such reverence for the mind-body connection.

It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to learn directly from an indigenous healer and to be part of such a positive community of people.

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