This is what I’m going to be doing this evening. Actually, my arm isn’t up to that yet, so someone will be helping me.

The car trip so far has been nice, with very clear skies. I’ve been looking for signs of fall as we travel up the east coast, but the hot temperatures are still with us and everything basically still looks green. It’s almost as though the old Augusts have become the new Septembers as far as weather is concerned. 

Tomorrow we reach Fair Lawn, NJ, and I’ll have my first look at my old house since we sold it this past spring. After 30 years of living there, its going to seem mighty strange to see someone else’s car in the driveway.

I’ll post from there…

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  1. Helene, Heidi & Cleo

    September 6, 2007

    Dear Cousin Sunny & Roy!

    I can’t tell you just How Special having you here to visit with us last night meant to me. I look up to you both, respect you immensely, and love you unconditionally. You’re our Only Family besides my brother that we can be completely vulnerable with and can have as much fun with.
    I love hearing about your childhood which I knew nothing about.

    I loved seeing Cleo with you and how happy she was, and how happy you were. I loved showing you different new things in our condo, loved sharing crabs with you, loved talking about Roy’s business and about your Dad, and about you, Lauren and A. J. I loved your spending time with Heidi. Did you know that I have your father’s electric calculator next to my desk?

    You bring such Joy to our lives! Thank you Always for being Real, down-to-earth and being you!

    Love & Hugs, Helene, Heidi & Cleo

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