Thought for the day:

Organizational legacies should change as we change. What was vital to us at one time may no longer be as important to us today.

Take my friend, Harriet. She told me that in her younger days she thought that her fingernails would be a legacy of sorts. She prized their length and condition above all else until the day she decided that she wanted to learn how to play the Celtic harp, and promptly cut them off. You can’t have long nails and play the harp well, and she knew what her values were at the time. As for me, I’d always saved my report cards, sharing with my children the passage of time and the memories they induced, until I began to examine my stuff in light of an impending move. All of a sudden I saw those report cards differently and realized that I was re-reading, for the millionth time it seemed, the comments of my 4th grade teacher – the one who had traumatized me in math. “Sunny needs to try harder”, she wrote. And I thought to myself, “Why in the world do I still need to read what Mrs. Clark thought of me when I was 9?!”

Don’t let ghosts from the past control the messages you repeat to yourself today.

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