My arm is improving, but I’m still not up to scrapbook strength yet. And I’m just beginning to realize how important hobbies can be for relaxation and stress management.
Although I’ve never been particularly strong in the artistic department, I’ve always enjoyed creating within my limited abilities. Remember Paint-By-Number sets? 😉 I guess that’s part of the reason why I enjoy scrapbooking so much — you can put together a whole concept out of little bits of memorabilia and colorful accents.

The page above is part of a lay-out about my best childhood buddy, Sue. We lived next-door to each other from ages 3 to 18, and shared all sorts of adventures. One of my favorite souvenirs of that time is that letter she wrote to me at camp when she was 9, about our friend, Sandy. Sue noted that Sandy’s older brother was going to kill her because Sandy had borrowed his stack of 45 records and then left them out in the sun, where they melted.
We loved Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, and playing in her swimming pool out back. Dressing The Lennon Sisters paper dolls. I have pictures of us wearing braces and “bleeding madras” jackets. Showing off our new transistor radios. Wearing roller skates that required skate keys.

Scrapbooking is actually much more than a hobby for me. It’s a way of processing the past, as well as organizing it. It’s deciding what is worth saving for display, and what has outlived its usefulness. It’s getting to play with color and design and texture.

Did you have a best friend from childhood with whom you did everything? Do you have a favorite memory of those days? Click on Comments and share a story.

3 Responses to "I Miss Scrapbooking!"

  1. colleen

    November 20, 2007

    My son got me started. He calls it “journal collaging.” I like to record in ways that cover lots of ground. Collages to me are like dream images. They hold a lot of infomation in one image.

    And don’t you think blogging is a little like scrapbooking?

  2. sunny

    November 20, 2007

    Blogging is definitely like scrapbooking! Especially for those of us who like to write about different things that we find interesting. In fact, it’s blogging that’s holding me up while I can’t scrapbook. 😉

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