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Summer in Sedona, Arizona is hot. Very hot. 107 degrees this morning and marching upward. True, it doesn’t feel as devastating as it would with humidity included, but it’s still hot. Pretty, but hot.

Never have I appreciated air conditioning as much as I do now that I’m getting older. When I was a kid, I remember summer afternoons spent in my parents’ bedroom, reading a book and eating chilled green grapes. Theirs was the only room that had an air conditioner in the window, and my attic fan couldn’t compete.

But even then, that deliciously cool air was a luxury, and not a necessity.

How times have changed. We seem to have to work harder to be appreciative of what we have instead of annoyed when they don’t operate the way we think they should. (e.g., How dare this computer take more than 3 seconds to download! Why can’t I reach her instantly by cellphone? How can it be that something I depend on isn’t working properly!, etc., etc.)

Ah, yes. Trying to remember to be grateful, in the heat. Or rain, or cold or drought.

My mission for today.

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  1. Teakai

    February 28, 2009

    oh my gosh – what a coincidence. I was only htinking that the other day. We seem to be totally into instant gratification these days – no wonder there are so many discontented and depressed people about.

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