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It’s that time of year again — time for tackling all the endless small, bothersome tasks that take up residence on your To Do List but that you never seem to get around to doing, in part because they’re so little. But being little doesn’t keep them from being annoying, so after tripping over that pile in the corner of your entranceway for the fifth time this month, the hour has arrived to do something about it.

The nice thing about Nigglies is that it’s easy to devote a solid chunk of time to getting rid of them. Example: In my kitchen, I had a broken refrigerator magnet sitting on my countertop for ages, waiting for “someone” to glue it back together. When it came time to take care of it, I found that the magnet part had somehow disappeared leaving just the plastic surfboard. Now the decision to take care of it was easy: into the trash it went. I’d just get another the next time I go to the beach. Simple, huh?

I also had a decorative piece for my keychain sitting around waiting to be reattached, It was waiting because fixing it meant that I had to find the needle-nosed pliers, which was a Niggly all by itself. But in doing my basement Nigglies, I located the pliers and since it was Nigglies Day, I took it upstairs and fixed the key chain!

The trick here is a basic one: assigning a specific time to do Nigglies means that you’re giving yourself permission to do small tasks that ordinarily you’d consider a waste of your prime time. By gearing up to do as many as possible, you’re making great use of your energy and eliminating aggravations in the process.

The major reason for devoting specific time to eliminating Nigglies is that they are greater than the sum of their parts. The smallest Nigglies can cause the biggest annoyances. I once waited to see how long it would take for someone else in my house to replace the roll of toilet paper when it was empty. Wouldn’t you know it? Somehow a new roll appeared on the bathroom vanity and was used from there. For a day and a half. Yes, it does take five whole seconds to put a new roll on the roller, but apparently that was too much effort for some people.

There are very few better feelings, though, than geting rid of a recurring Niggly. What happens is that we forget about the Niggly until we stumble across it, then we rebuke ourselves for not taking care of it, and then we immediately put it out of our minds until the next time we trip over it. And so forth and so on. When we finally tackle the darn thing, the pleasure we receive from completing the action is way out of proportion to the action itself. Which makes us wonder, Why didn’t we finish this six months ago?

So put a Nigglies Day on your calendar this week. You’ll be very glad you did.

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