Knowledge as iceberg by mars_discovery_district.

photo credit mars_discovery_district

Two of my friends have breast cancer, several are having to change jobs/careers, and even more are re-evaluating their primary relationships. It’s a tough time for a lot of people.

But like all times, people tend to forget how strong they really are. I’m finding that one of the best things I can offer as a friend is a reminder of that fact. (I even remember my own strength when I’m not feeling totally stressed out.)

“Knowing what you know”, or maybe more accurately, “remembering what you know” is a key survival tool. Deep down we know that we are fundamentally good people who happen to be very challenged at the moment. We may not understand what’s happening but we need to remember that there’s a bigger picture than we can see. We’ve been through challenging times before and we’ve survived. Life is really about the challenges and how we handle them.

If you’ve found this blog post today, maybe you just need to be reminded of that fact. You know a lot more than you think you do about meeting challenges and coming out stronger and wiser. You’re always on your own personal spiral where  even though certain challenges keep coming around again and again, if you do the work you’ll always be meeting them at a higher point than you ever have before.

Remember what you know.

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