Such fun! 😉

Let me begin by saying that home improvement jobs always pit hope against reality. You hope that reasonable deadlines can be met without too much intrusion from the real world. But things happen: Ordered items arrive late, or the wrong ones are sent. Communication between designers and contractors and sub-contractors include mistaken assumptions. There may be Acts of God — monsoons, duststorms, tornadoes or floods.

Fortunately I accepted all of this going in to the process and mentally doubled the time frames that I was given for our bathroom remodeling. What I did not include was extra time for perfectionism. Yup. Most contractors want to do their best work, popular opinion to the contrary. It gets tricky when the job takes longer than expected and future jobs begin to be compromised, so that a contractor needs to divvy up his time between old and new jobs and has to run back and forth. No one is happy at that point.

It’s an inexact science that few homeowners understand, and it tries the patience of everyone. (The dust makes me crazy.)

But it’s not life or death. If you’re going to enter the world of home re-construction, the messes and delays and frustration go with the territory and you should prepare yourself for them.

You usually come out the other end with something that was worth it all, and I will post my finished bathroom picture whenever it appears.

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