“Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.” — Unknown

It’s not easy to implement the above wisdom. Several of my favorite people are currently dealing with very difficult situations and caring as much as I do about them, I feel their suffering. I know that I shouldn’t go down with them into the abyss and I fight the urge. It’s so hard for me to accept that I can’t make things better.

But what better time to walk my talk about believing that things happen for a reason, even if that reason is not something we can see at the moment? I suppose that’s the definition of faith, and of course it’s easier to have that faith when you’re not being tested.

I’m annoyed at the fact that I can’t seem to stay in this place of understanding and acceptance of things that are out of my control. I go in and out and need reminders to return to center. It can feel exhausting.

Emotional pain can be worse than physical pain.

It helps so much to know that I have friends and family who can step in and remind me of the same things over and over. I will feel pain, but am in a position to choose not to suffer and that’s important.

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  1. Tina Clark

    August 29, 2007

    It is hard to accept that we are human after all. I agree with you about the emotional pain being worse than physical pain because emotional pain can be so well contained that it can go unnoticed by others and sometimes end up shouldering it alone. Carrying around the emotional pain is physically draining too like you said: exhausting. I think that many times I get so wrapped up in the emotions that I forget that I do have a choice about how much I need to be worrying about a situation or others. But once I remind myself that I have actively done what I can do or that I absolutely can not do a thing to help, I try to cut off the cycle of thoughts that continue to feed those dark emotions. And then I kiss my girls and my husband and maybe loose myself in a good book or a great blog. 🙂

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