mercury in retrograde by trevor loken [the rendezvous photo].photo credit trevor loken

Yes, it’s very very cold out there. Not so much here in Sedona (I won’t rub it in) but in many other places it’s just way too cold.

The planetary Mercury Retrograde is also in effect and that just adds insult to injury. Technical things tend to go haywire during this retrograde, and I’ve been dealing with that here on the blog. Fortunately I can fix the fact that many of my photos and internal links have gone missing but it requires painstakingly slow effort on my part to restore them.

The upside? (You know I had to find an upside 😉 I’m looking at posts from several years ago that I had forgotten about and realize that they’re perfect for today. Here are two related to organizing from 2007, on cleaning up my office and the question of: Do you erase addresses in your address book?

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