new and improved by mckirsch.

photo credit mckirsch

The new and improved website for SunCoach Inc. is just about ready to launch! The project had to be backburnered for a few months but now I’ve returned to editing copy and making formatting decisions. I’m going with a relatively new WordPress theme that I’ll (hopefully) be able to manage myself once it’s set up.

My first home page was designed 11 years ago and it’s hard to believe how fast and far the computer industry has grown. Back then the concept of coaching was very new and hard to put into words. Now of course, it’s well-understood and accepted. And as I transition from a coaching role into more of a mentoring one I’m learning to craft the descriptions that most completely explain what I do today.

I’m planning to offer a free-of-charge full mentoring session celebrating the activation of my new site so stay tuned for details.

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