Free Webinar on Flow!

I am delighted to announce the presentation of my first FREE webinar “Stepping into Flow: An Overview of Flow Coaching”, on Wednesday June 3rd from 2:00PM to 3:00PM Eastern time. Come learn what flow is, how to get into it and how to stay in it! I’ll be talking about how you can create your own road-map for self-discovery and growth and how you can become your own flow coach. Please join me! Register below:

New book review for Flow Formula!

“The book takes the reader on a psychological, actually pleasant journey, step-by-challenging step, including her own personal life trip. Attitudes will get adjusted, and the reader will smile as changes take place. Sunny is a wise woman who can help us into  happiness!”

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Praise for Flow Formula

This 55 page nugget of little dynamite came to me at just the right time.  I was dealing with that oh so stuck feeling and I wasn’t sure where to go from here.  I was well aware that my self beating ritual wasn’t working and I needed help.  So along came my new spiritual hero with it’s beautiful colorful cover and I became hooked.

I enjoy the format of this book because it is easy breezy, so simple to understand and the personal stories and questions were just what I needed to move on.  I would recommend this pleasant teacher to anyone looking for affirmation while climbing the spiritual later.  Thanks Sunny, I so get it.

Love & Light,

Riki  Frahmann

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