Setting sun reflecting onto buffalo sculpture

It’s coming up on that time of year again — summer in Brevard, NC. The temperature here in Sedona is already up to 100 and the waterfalls back east beckon.

It used to be that in mid-June I’d be winding down school and gearing up for camp, anticipating wild raspberry picking, horseback riding and capsizing canoes in the lake. As a matter of fact, I just received an email from the daughter of the late owner of my sleep-away camp. She said she had stumbled across my post on camp memories and it had unleashed a flood of her own. And that got me remembering the years when Lauren and AJ and I would inaugurate the summer season by watching “Meatballs”. We’d see the video and then would head out for ice cream and back-to-camp clothes shopping.
I love patterns. They organize memories that otherwise would get lost in the passage of years. They allow me to see different colors and textures and similarities in diverse memories. They highlight the best that life has offered to me and continues to offer.

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