Not a Mongolian Camel

We finally got around to ordering Planet Earth through Netflix and the series is everything it was cracked up to be. (Now where did that saying ever come from?)

Last night we watched the Deserts episode and learned all about the camels who live in Mongolia. I especially like the behind-the-scenes diary footage that is aired at the end of each episode. The crew is so calm as they describe the rigors of packing food and water for 2 months in the field, and even when they relay the fall-out from having their interpreter get drunk and head-butt one of the guides. I suppose that isn’t as bad as having to film for 4 weeks on a small mountain of bat droppings and cockroaches (see the Caves episode).

Anyway, most of the footage is magnificent and even with all my years of watching Animal Planet, there were many things I didn’t know. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, this would be it.

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