On Saturday, we went to Nancy’s workshop and book-signing for “Unplugged” at the Prescott Barnes & Noble. Nancy said that it was her first but I wouldn’t believe it for a minute. I’ve been in front of audiences at B&N, and nobody looks and sounds that comfortable their first time out. Her husband Greg says she’s just a natural. (And it doesn’t hurt that Paulo Coelho endorsed her book!)

I really enjoyed watching her in her giraffe-patterned scarf. Especially when she talked about her adventures in Africa and getting up-close and personal with two favorite hyenas. And teaching indigenous children in Costa Rica. And learning about monastery retreats from a nun in a bright blue habit. And working with Habitat for Humanity.

Nancy’s book is not only inspirational, it’s amazingly informative. She doesn’t just talk about the need to get unplugged sometimes, she tells you exactly how to do it. Everything from distinguishing the travel scams from the legitimate offers to how to pack, and utilize insurance. She’s lived it all, from a few days away, to months.

She invited us to go with them on a trip back to Africa this December. I told her we needed to take a rain-check on that one, but she sure got me thinking…

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