Innocent by Maggi Helga.

photo credit Maggi Helga

There’s a part of you that always knew. People may have believed that you were a blank slate, innocent in the ways of the world and uneducated about yourself, but still — you knew. You always knew, even when you began to question if your perceptions were real, along with your tastes and preferences. You knew, deep down, who you were, even when you started to compare yourself to others and judge what was right and wrong and what was OK or unacceptable. You began to listen to the people around you and to doubt. But you knew. You always knew what made you strong and happy within yourself.

And you still know. Somewhere, inside of you, is the original blueprint — what you know you need in order to feel authentic. Find it again. Retrieve the essence of the soul that came into being with your birth and nurture it. Ask the questions that bring you back to you.

Most of us spend our lifetime unaware of who we really are and thus never get to enjoy that person. You can remember what you already know, and go there.

It’s never too late.

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