Ballerina Fairy Tooth Pillow by mmmcrafts.

credit: mmmcrafts

I guess I’ve been lucky so far. A few crowns and that’s been it. But now I’m facing the dreaded R.C. The thing is, I seem to have a fractured tooth under one of my crowns. Has anyone ever heard of that before? Apparently, if they can’t fix the fracture I may lose my tooth which is a rear molar and useful for chewing. There are certainly worse things in the world, but I happen to be fond of that tooth. Here’s hoping they can save it.

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  1. JenniB

    March 11, 2009

    Hi there – found you via Stacy! Isn’t LOM awesome? I am also auditing this year after taking the class in 2008. I’m about 75% done with my category drawers…still a couple of piles to sort.
    Root canal? Did you have it yet? I have had 4 and did OK. Chose sedation with the 4th one – because I have an increasingly pesky gag reflex. Need to be relaxed. Take an ipod/music. Much easier when you’re paying attention to tunes instead of that high-pitched drill!
    Happy Day!

  2. sunny

    March 11, 2009

    Hi Jenni! Thanks so much for the words of advice and encouragement. They do help. And congratulations on your progress in LOM! The photo drawer system has changed my life. 🙂

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