One of my favorite sites to visit is On My Desk which showcases artists’ workspaces around the world. I love getting to see what kinds of stuff people keep close to them for inspiration and smiles.

I have a memorabilia cabinet in Brevard. The space is limited, which forced me to make choices about what I was going to save and display, and it has glass doors which cut down on the need for dusting. Until recently I never thought much about the connection between saving things and dusting them but now I realize that everything I save or buy is going to cost me the time needed to keep it clean and/or in repair.

Old things often don’t hold up very well. I have my mother’s copy of “Gone With The Wind”, an early edition that was inscribed to her from a boyfriend. I love looking at it and remembering all of the times I went through it when I was younger. But now it feels fragile and I wouldn’t trust it to last through another reading. I’m saving it for the memories, but I’ll get the paperback if I want to handle it again.

I’ve saved another oldie but goodie — the original video game, Pong. It’s hard to believe that that singular bouncing ball was such a radical form of entertainment. It’s in the original box and I hope that one day my grandkids will listen to the story of the day we first played it, and be as incredulous as I was when my grandmother told me that huge blocks of ice were required to chill her first refrigerator.

I’ve also hung onto Life magazines but in a very manageable way: I’ve only saved one magazine for every year that it was published. I’m missing a few early ones, but I’m still looking to fill in. It’s fun to re-visit particular years, and I know that it’s one “inheritance” that my son and daughter will enjoy receiving.

Are you reviewing your stuff on a regular basis? Are you surrounding yourself with only the things that you enjoy? Send me a picture because I’d love to see!

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