I have a mirrored tray for perfumes in my bathroom, but until recently I never had anything on it except for my signature scent — “Sunflowers”. I would have had more colognes, but a number of years ago I had a  severe allergic reaction to a new one, and haven’t been willing to risk another.

But that one bottle looked lonely on there. So I decided to add some vintage perfumes of my past, not to put on, but just to sniff. I started with that old classic, English Leather, which reminds me of the first guy I had a serious crush on. Then came Shalimar, Wind Song and Envy (the cologne Roy had on when I met him).

Now I’m getting creative. I’m looking for a brown bottle of Coppertone #4, the kind that my dad used back in the 60’s and that I will always associate with him. (Unfortunately I don’t have one to remember my mom by, because my dad didn’t like perfume.) I know that the Coppertone bottle will look a little strange alongside the others, but my goal is to organize, in one place, the scents that take me places.

At the moment I’ve forgotten the other colognes that I used, but as I come across them, I’ll add them to the tray. I only wish that I could have bottled the smells of summer camp, my grandfather’s cigars, and new school supplies.

What are your favorite scent memories?

3 Responses to "Scents to Remember Them By"

  1. Jamie

    September 3, 2007

    What a cool idea! Scent really does have that power. What a great way to honour that and to include that sensual experience in your life.

    Some of my scent memories are the smell of coffee when you walked into my grandparents’ house, the Polo cologne my high school boyfriend wore, the Maroc perfume I wore, the smell of fresh-cut grass I’ve loved since I was a kid, the smell when you rub a tomato leaf, the spring scent of the mock-orange trees

  2. sunny

    September 3, 2007

    Jamie – I’d forgotten about tomatoes.
    But what, exactly, do mock-orange trees produce? 😉

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