It’s good to get out of Dodge every once in awhile, you know?

When the scenery’s different you just start noticing things. Some of what I’m seeing now wasn’t visible when we were last here in the summer, like the true size and shape of trees. And other stuff I wasn’t paying attention to – the shade of yellow on the bedroom walls, the plaque over the kitchen sink, the books in the stack in my husband’s office. But I’m seeing them now, partly because I made a decision to really pay attention this holiday season and partly because I’m not so distracted by work.

Instead of being annoyed by the three days of rain we’ve had here since our arrival, I’m enjoying the fireplace in the daytime and the delicious pumpkin candle I discovered in the sideboard. I’m playing on the internet and reading Shreve Stockton’s The Daily Coyote. I’m soaking up the peace and quiet before we launch ourselves into travel mode tomorrow.

And then I’ll just be wherever we are. Talk to you from the road!

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