Six Miles At Sea

It turned cooler over the weekend and the northerly winds made tiny crystal whitecaps.

We had some friends stay over on Saturday and we drove to the southern end of the island at sunset. There’s a wildlife refuge there, and from the end of the parking lot you can see the lights of the high-rise casinos in Atlantic City. It’s a surreal combination. The next morning we went to the northern end of LBI and took in the view from Barnegat Lighthouse, and the inlet between the bay and the ocean. Watching people fish is a very relaxing pastime. The waves roll in and the waves roll out…

Of course there was Sunday football and the Emmy Awards, but mostly life just flows on here in seeming ignorance of all the “important” happenings outside of these 20 miles.

May we continue to enjoy it while it lasts.

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  1. Tina Clark

    September 17, 2007

    What?! Sunday football and the Emmy Awards?! Now, I am mad. Darn it. Missed them both and I’m not even at the beach! 🙂

    Loving the cooler weather too. Soon I’ll be able to wear my bright sweaters and corduroy pants.

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