It’s September 11 — the first September we’ve been on LBI since 2001.

We came down here after 9/11 because we wanted to get “away”, as if there was anywhere we could get away to. But I remember craving anything that resembled normalcy, especially natural beauty and landscapes that were familiar and reassuring.

The ocean always brings me back to me, and reminds me of what’s important and everlasting. The simple enormity of it creates perspective that I lose in the details of everyday living.

There’s solitude here. We all need a certain degree of separation to remember who we are and what path it is that we want to be on. I look back on 30 years of walking this beach and am astounded at how I’ve grown and changed.

And stayed me.

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  1. Lauren

    September 13, 2007

    I love you and wish I could be there with you guys!

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