To Crawl Or Not












I’m auditing Stacy’s Library of Memories Class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking and I’m loving it for the second year in a row. I’m still hampered by my pronator syndrome but it’s not keeping me from looking back and discovering wonderful connections in my photograph drawers and scrapbooking them.

These 2 lay-outs represent life-long trends for my daughter, Lauren. The first commemorates her relationship with her soulmate buddy, Ben. They’ve been good friends since birth and early on agreed to go to their senior prom together. As you can see, they did! The second lay-out shows Lauren’s learning-to-crawl dilemma: “To do or not to do…” which has represented her approach to decision-making all 25 years of her life. (She would have me say that she is getting better, though.)

I would highly recommend that you look through your own pix for some things in life that have never changed. It’s fun and can even be reassuring.

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