facebook by pshab.

courtesy of pshab

I may be a little late, but I get there. “There” in this instance is Facebook.

I’ve been trying out different social media with varying degrees of success and sustained interest and this past week I added something new to the mix — the creation of a “group” on Facebook. I started a gathering place for friends from my old neighborhood in Baltimore and the response has been heartwarming and fun. It’s like a virtual reunion and the ability to post pictures takes the memories to another level. Roy has decided to form his own reunion group (there were 55 kids in his neighborhood on Long Island!) and has re-established contact with boyhood buddies he hasn’t been in touch with for over 35 years.

When I told my son that I was coming onto Facebook he scoffed and said, “Parents don’t do Facebook.” Facebook pages for my generation apparently are a relatively recent development and surprised me as much as it did him. And I’m sure that his learning curve was simpler than mine. It’s taken me several days to figure out what I’m doing and my new/old friends are reporting the same. But we’re getting there and having fun as we do.

We can fight the changes that come down the road or we can embrace them. And while I do bemoan the loss of some old familiar habits (e.g., relying on daily newspapers for my information from around the world) I can see how the on-line universe makes it possible to gather together in ways we’ve never been able to do before.

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