traveling north to Flagstaff

Sometimes you just gotta take a ride. We drove up to Flagstaff today even though the weather looked kind of iffy. The off-road to our favorite overlook was closed due to remainders of snow and ice from the December storms so we just headed into town to Barnes & Noble. We didn’t buy anything (amazing self-control there, but I already have more than my share of books to read), just drifted around the store to see what was new. It reminded me of Sunday afternoons as a kid, when the family would pile into the car and we’d head out on a Sunday Drive. I’m not sure if my dad had a destination in mind, but we’d usually end up somewhere out in the country, counting the station wagons we passed (for some strange reason I think that game was called “Beaver”) and looking for white horses to wish on. When we got older we would visit various art exhibits but we never did go to any stores because they were all closed on Sunday back then. At any rate, the Sunday Drive is a pleasant tradition to keep alive.

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