“I’m in the event planning business, and I accumulate papers on clients and research the way weeds grow. I’m a visual person, and I want to have a copy of everything. I had been in need of organizational services for a very long time. The paper growth had gotten completely out of hand, which caused me not to want to work in my office and also caused me not to be able to handle projects well due to the volume of papers piled everywhere.

I couldn’t get over how much Sunny and I did in our time together. She had me go through everything in my office, which I had never done before. As she found out, when I couldn’t find a file I made a new one. So I had several files for the same thing, but they were scattered throughout my 13 file drawers. I laughed myself silly every time we found another file for Social Security! At the end I was exhausted but felt wonderful. I had a new awareness of where everything was, and now knew what I had in resources. I felt like I could think and work again. I can’t thank her enough for helping me to make sense of my office and my life.”

— H. M., Baltimore, Maryland

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