“My office was a certifiable disaster area before Sunny. It wasn’t just the tangle of wires and semi-working equipment driving me mad, but something I couldn’t put my finger on. Sunny picked it up instantly. She pointed out that “I” wasn’t present in the room. Its anonymous office furniture and empty walls didn’t reflect me at all. My office was critical to my earning yet I’d created chaos amid blandness – not exactly a space conducive to financial success. I’m also a creative worker, so it was downright strange that I’d sunk so little of my energy into the space. Sunny intuitively realized that this reflected an inner conflict about succeeding. How right she was! Not only did Sunny completely physically rearrange the space so that I felt incredibly light and mentally uncluttered and worked 100% better, she encouraged me to add special things that mattered to me like art, photographs, inspiring quotes. Sunny recommended appealing to my senses through candles, music, and flowers to further support creativity. Even the color of the room turned out to be important – Sunny wanted me to paint it a color that really appealed to my soul. I was in tears when we finished because for the first time my drab “work” space was suddenly my soul space – the two were one for the first time. I knew then that nothing was going to stop me.

Shortly after my office redo, my career began rapidly changing for the better – and there’s no better testimony than success. I cannot recommend Sunny’s services highly enough. If you are lucky enough to work with her (and it’s incredibly fun) you will gain more than you can imagine. It’s worth every penny. Thanks, Sunny, for changing my life!”

— E.R., Dallas, Texas

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