I was joking with a friend that I only file my own stuff on days when it’s cloudy. That lets me off pretty easy since it’s usually sunny here in Sedona. Wouldn’t you know it, it’s been cloudy for the past two Sundays.

It’s important to keep up with filing for any number of good reasons but one that’s not discussed too much is creativity. I have so many ideas for so many projects that if I don’t keep track of them, they seem to evaporate. For that reason I keep paper and pens all over the place so I won’t forget something brilliant (or ultimately useless).

But writing stuff down means that you have to do something with all of those pieces of paper. I’m finding that it’s sufficient to file them in a folder related to the general idea or project. And then, as long as I make the time to review the folders periodically, I don’t lose any concepts. I’ve found that by using my filing system this way, I run across forgotten gems that weren’t useful at the time I filed them but have since become composted into something relevant.

I do enjoy helping other people to file, and companionship can make a non-favorite task easier and even fun. So my husband and I decided to spend a little time each Sunday helping each other get through our To File bin. There are times. I’ve found, when what you give to others can be just what you need for yourself.

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